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Dine to your heart's delight on our food and drynk!

Satiate your palate with the King's tantalizing treats at any one of these convenient locations throughout the Realm. Food and beverage tickets can be purchased at food ticket booths.

G=Gluten Free  |   V=Vegetarian   |   L=Lactose Free

Find your delectables by location:

Gluten-free buns and bread boules are available upon request.

  • Turkey Leg (G)

  • Dragon Claws 'n Fryes

  • Shepherds' Pye

  • Jester's Chicken Fingers 'n Fryes

  • Chicken Caesar Wrappe wi’ House Cooked
    Kettle Chips

  • Fish 'n Chips (L)

  • Pulled Pigge Sandwich 'n Fryes (L)

  • Pizza cheese (V) or spicy pepperoni

  • King's Chowder Boule

  • Queen's Turkey Stew Boule

  • Bloomin' Onion

  • The Perky Pickle (G V L)

  • Garden Salad (G V L)

  • Cup o'fruit (G V L)

  • Giant Stuffed Baked Potato (G V)

  • Baker’s Mac n’ Cheese (baked wi’ Bacon & Bread Crumbs)

  • Jumbo Pretzel with Cheese Sauce

  • Ice Cream Delights

VILLAGE OVEN at Front Gate & Canterbury Kitchens:
  • King's Towering Chocolate Cake (V)

  • Apple Crisp wi' Ice Cream (V)

  • Eve's Caramel Apple with All the Temptations (V)

  • Whoopie Pyes

  • Coffee (G V L)

  • Hot Chocolate (V)

  • Tea (G V L)

  • Milk

DRAGON'S TAVERN on Beggar's Boulevard:

All baskets are served with delicious fryesGluten-free buns and boules available upon request

  • The Peasant Patty Basket

  • The Veggie Peasant Patty Basket (V L)

  • Roasted Ear o' Corn (G V L)

  • The Perky Pickle (G V L)

  • The Cobbler's Corn

  • Squire Dog Basket

  • Fryes (V)

Tourney Field:
  • Katherine's Kettle Korn (G V L)

  • King's Roasted Nuts (G V L)

Peasant's Pass:
  • Peasant Bread (V)

Quench thy thirst at these locations throughout the realm:
  • WITCHES' BREW just inside the Front Gate

  • DRAGON'S NEST at The Dragon's Tavern (heading toward Mud Pit)

  • PIRATE'S POP N' GO at The Dragon's Tavern

  • TWIN TAVERNS at The Twin Tavern's Stage (Washing Well Wenches)

  • CANTERBURY CORNER at Canterbury Kitchen (main dining area)

  • CART O'CHAMPAGNE CORNER at York Way (near the tourney field)

  • PRIVY PUB near the Privies

  • THE VINERY at Tourney Field

  • QUEEN'S TAVERN at the Queen's Stage (near Maypole, King's Stage)

  • PIRATE'S POP N' GO at the Queen's Tavern 

Peasant Potions (Non-Alcoholic):
  • Queen's Cup o' Soda

  • Bottle o' Soda

  • Bottle o' Water

Baron's Beer (Adult Beverages):
  • Coors Light Beere

  • Coors (non-alcoholic)

  • Woodchuck Hard Cider

  • Blue Moon Belgian Ale

  • Shipyard Pumpkin

  • Gluten Free Beere (G)

  • White Claw Hard Seltzer

  • Signature Cocktails featuring Steel 43 Vodka

Wizard's Winery:
  • Whyte, Red, & Blush Wyne

  • Chaucer’s Pomegranate Mead

  • Chaucer’s Honey Mead

  • Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead

  • Sparklin’ Champagne wi’a Strawberry (G)

Pirate's Pop N' Go:

Craft cans for the whole crew available at the

Dragon's Tavern and Queen's Tavern:

  • The King's Brew IPA by Canned Heat

  • Devil's Purse Kolsch

  • Paulaner's Oktoberfest

  • Cayman Jack Margarita

  • Spiked Arnold Palmer

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