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Fairy Tale Weddings

What's Included:

  • The Bride and Groom plus 8 additional guests are included in the venue fee

  • Two limited edition King Richard’s Faire pottery steins

  • King Richard's Faire Management and the wedding party would arrange a mutually agreeable time for the use of a stage for your ceremony.

  • A Justice of the Peace or Ordained Minister who specializes in Renaissance weddings and handfasting ceremonies

  • King Richard's Faire performers and members of the Royal Court are in attendance at the ceremony (time permitting) to add to the 16th-century ambiance

  • The Bride and Groom may participate (if desired) in the Royal Parade

  • A special appearance by the Bride and Groom at the joust, with special seating with the Royal Court on the Review Stand overlooking the Tournament Field

  • Royal Proclamation from King Richard

  • Personalized Celebration Itinerary

  • A large tent with tables, chairs, and linens (up to 100 guests)

  • A scrumptious 16th Century Old English-style wedding feast, for example:

    • Bread boule filled with New England Clam Chowder

    • Italian Tossed Salad

    • King-sized Turkey Leg, Shepherd's Pie or Fish & Chips

    • Baked Potato

    • Roasted Ear of Corn

    • Bottle of water for each guest

    • Champagne toast

    • For an additional charge: beer, wine, mead, champagne

  • A framed “Together In Arms” - family crest: framed wedding family named histories with framed crests of the last names of the bride and groom. In Medieval times when two families joined together through marriage, they were allowed to join their coat of arms together as one to show off both sides of their new family. Their new arms would then be passed down to their children and future generations as the new symbol of their family. We recreate this joining "together in arms" today, following the same rules of heraldry they used all those centuries ago!


Royal Requirements:

  • King Richard prefers that weddings take place on a Saturday preferably in September with a rain date printed on the invitation for that Sunday of the weekend you choose.

  • The King prefers a minimum of 50 guests.

  • Invitations (copy must be approved by Producer and provided by the Bride and Groom).

Miscellaneous (for an additional fee):

The bride and her bridesmaids can get their faces painted in beautiful colors with crystals and sparkles by one of the King's talented face painters.


The King can accommodate parties larger than 50.


For more information or to book your event with our wedding coordinate:508-866-5391 or email

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