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Know Before Ye Go:
Weapon and Costume Policies

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  • Costumes are encouraged to get into the spirit of the Faire, but are not required.

  • All costumes worn must be family-friendly and suitable for the general public’s viewing.

  • Costume adornments and prop weapons are permitted but subject to security approval upon entry.

  • Masks and headpieces are subject to removal upon the request of Faire management at any time.

  • Persons wearing costumes that do not meet these criteria may be refused entry or asked to leave the Faire site.

  • No guns of any type are permitted on the Faire site.

  • Any potential weapon must be peace-tied (tied in such a manner that it cannot be drawn) and/or remain sheathed at all times while on the Faire site.

  • Items that have sharpened edges, harden points, or are of a certain weight that may cause potential bodily harm are not permitted.

  • A violation of the weapon’s policy may result in the confiscation of the weapon, the violator’s removal, and possible legal ramifications.

  • King Richard’s Faire management reserves the right to refuse entry to or remove any guest or participant that does not adhere to these policies.

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