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Games & Rides

Are you the bravest in the land? 

King Richard has decreed The Gaming Glen be opened!


Come one, come all, young and old, big and small…  enjoy 18 glorious and exciting games and rides in The Gaming Glen:

Persons of strength, power and skill will discover:

  • The Axe Throw

  • Knife Throw

  • Knight Errant

  • Giant Stryker

Everyone who enjoys tests of skill will enjoy:

  • The Archer's Field

  • Dastardly Darts

  • Crusader's Crossbows

  • Captain's Cannons

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • King of the Log

  • Dragon Joust

And for the more gentle pleasures:

  • Play hide n' seek in M'Lady's Shady Maze

  • Ride the Flying Gryffin

  • Ride the Pirate Ships


Try the thrilling:

  • Hurlinator Ride

  • Catapult Game

  • Pony Rides

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