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Artisans of the Realm

Apply to be a 2024 artisan! Click here for application.

2023 Artisans:

York Way

(1) Remembrance Shoppe ~ Official Faire memorabilia, swords & shields, and pottery
(2) Seams Like a Dream ~ Costume rental for adults and children
(3) Mardigan's Maile ~ Handcrafted custom chain mail, jewelry, and armor
(4) Mardigan's Maile Collectibles ~ Hand-painted dragons, fairies, and more
(5) Mystic Rhythms ~ Exotic drums, instruments
(6) Castle Roost ~ One of a kind Hand Painted Pottery, Capes, Cloaks and Taxidermy
(7) Here Be Dragons ~ Original works of art, prints, and posters

(8) Singletree Hats  ~ Felt peasant, cavalier, Victorian, and Edwardian hats

(8) Singletree Hair Spirals ~ spirals for the hair in brass, copper, and silver-plated

(8) Singletree Etched Metals ~ flasks, pins, and hat accouterments etched with brass and copper

(9) Son of Sandlar ~ Handmade leather shoes & boots
(10a) King of Crowns ~ Crowns for all, including pets
(10b) Whistle n’ Leare ~ Clay flutes and dancing wings
(11) Dragon Pets ~ Wonderful dragon pets that wind around your wrist
(12) Medieval Metal ~ Hair braids and adornments
(44) Pirate’s Delight ~ Pirate clothing and accessories
(45) AniRon Treasures ~ Eclectic jewelry and stones

(46) Dragon's Den Candles ~ Candles for adventurers

Mad Cow Horns (cart) ~ Stoneware pottery horns

Tourney Field
(15a) Starfire Swords ~ Metal swords, daggers, and axes
(15b) Lunastar Mehndi ~ Body henna tattoos
(15c) Seekers & Settlers ~ Wood-carved brooms, tree art, walking sticks
(15d) Uncommon Adornments ~ Wire and stone jewelry
(15e) Mahinda's Mad Dog Pottery ~ Handspun pottery and sculptures
(15i) Threads of Time ~ Celtic clothing

The Strand
(14) Ballena Bay Pewter ~ Pewter goblets and accessories
(16) Set In Stone ~ Unique jewelry and pewter
(17) Heart's Delight ~ Clothing, shoes, hats, fairy wear
(19) Silver Lady ~ Silver jewelry
(20) Hans Dipper's Wax Works ~ Wax hands and wax-dipped roses
Fairytale Fynery (cart) ~ Garlands

Royal Way

(21) Pauper's Paintings ~ Original fantasy & dreamscape art, prints, journals, and silk scarves
(22) Dragon's Eye Leather ~ Custom leather accessories, journals, totes, bags, and their famous Dragon Egg Clutch
(23) Funky Stuff ~ Crystals, rocks, and more

♦ Queen Elizabeth’s Closet ~ Fanciful fans and whimsical hats for thy head

♦ Shepherd’s Moon Jewelry ~ Copper, silver and gold jewelry

♦ Peace Light Apothecary ~ Bath & body needs: soaps, scrubs, fragrances, balms and more
♦ Winged Motivation ~ Fantasy leather crafts 

♦ Armor Smith ~ Knight's weaponry and armor

♦ Knights Clothing ~ Monk, Templar Knights, and adult costumes

♦ Hex Pottery ~ Unique pottery wares
♦ Sanctum Folklorica's Witch's Hut ~ Spell candles and apothecary

♦ Iron Fox Forge ~ Handforged items and blacksmith demonstrations 

♦ The Oracle of Onset ~ Oracle readings and throwing of the bones

King's Way
(27) Sidequest Leather ~ Fashionable leather goods
(28) Twilight Revelations ~ Psychic readings, tarot cards, and intuitions
(29) Ye Olde Horn Shoppe ~ Handcarved wooden signs and drinking horns
(30a) Puzzle Rings By Pepi ~ Gold, silver, and pewter jewelry
(30b) Lady Kimberley's Face and Body Painting
♦ Morning Star ~ Floral crowns, combs, and accessories for thy head

Beggar’s Boulevard

(30c) Midgard Armoury ~ Handmade weapons (demonstrations daily)
(31) Bees and Teas ~ Teas, honey, and beeswax candles (demonstrations daily)
(32) Silver Leaf Leather ~ Handcrafted leather armor and costuming accessories

Tudor Corner
(33) Dragonwick Castle ~ Dungeon of history and walking staffs
(34) Red Falcon Leather & Armor ~ Terrific leather armor and accessories
(35) Fire and Brimstone Pottery ~ Gorgeous pottery where you pick your own glaze (demonstrations daily)
(36) American Highlander Kilts ~ Kilts and kilt accessories for men and women
(37) Castlelane ~ Exquisite Capes, Cloaks, Pirate Coats, Furs, Pelts & Leather Cavalier Hats
(38) Faire Flowers ~ Fresh roses for your love

Wizard's Glade
(39) Fairytale Fynery ~ Garlands and hats
(40) C C Ceramics ~ Beautifully sculpted pottery
(41) Silverleaf Studio ~ Handcrafted timeless jewels in sterling silver and mixed metals

(42) Ancestry & Arms ~ Coat of Arms, family crests, and the history of names
(43) Dragonfly's Realm ~ Fabulous wood games for young and old
♦ Dancing Wings ~ Whirl, twirl, and soar with these dancing wings 
♦ Dragon Cat Leather ~ Leather works

♦ Dogtooth Leather Goods ~ Leather purses and journals

Peasant's Pass

(47) Alchemists Instant Portraitures ~ Photo fun for singles and groups; candids and costumed
(49) Merlin's Body Design ~ Incredible face and body art
(50) Fairy Haven ~ Fairy wings, crowns, wands, and tails
(51a) Moresca ~ Exquisite Medieval wear
(51b) Memories in Glass ~ Handcrafted stained glass jewelry and stained glass art
(60) Anam Cara Apothecary ~ Handmade lotions, oils, and soaps for all your body needs
(61) Gypsy Psychic Readings ~ Palm and tarot readings
♦ Dungeon Diving of Dalmere ~ Fantasy coins, collectibles and game pieces

♦ Violet Flame Candle Company ~ Candles

♦ Ember Craft Leather (guest artisan 9/2  - 9/24) ~ Leather works that come alive

Lancaster Lane
(52) Imaginarium Galleries ~ Drabbits, animated cable-controlled puppets, and dragon eggs

(53) Palace Plaits ~ Beautiful Renaissance hair braiding 
(55) Sabersmith ~ Swords and weapons
(56) Earthbound Leathers ~ Leather-bound journals, books, and bags

♦ The Art of Glass ~ Glassblower and glass art

♦ Cape Cod Masquerade ~ Fanciful face and body painting

♦ Illustrations & Portraitures ~ Fantasy Fine Art

♦ = cart, kiosk or tent

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