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Remembrance Shoppe signage

Remembrance Shoppe

Visit the Remembrance Shoppe just inside the front gate, beckoning you to the Realm!

In His Majesty's Remembrance Shoppe, you'll find hoodies, fleece jackets and hilarious tee shirts, goblets and tankards for toasting, swords and shields (safe for wee ones) - all to help you remember your day in our enchanted forest long after the sun has set. Remembrance Shoppe items make great holiday gifts for a Faire fan or for yourself!

Explore these Remembrance Shoppe treasures:

  • King Richard's Faire pottery mugs and bowls

  • King Richard's Faire beer steins and tumblers

  • Wooden and foam swords & shields

  • Costumes, wands, and accessories for wee ones

  • Decks of playing cards, stuffed animals, and other mementos

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